Roulette Wheel: Numbers and Composition.

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The roulette wheel composition is simple and easy to understand. Every wheel is composed of two elements. An external housing and a center piece that spins. The original French roulette wheel had 36 numbered pockets colored in black and red and two additional pockets. Which were numbered “0” and “00”. In the 19th century, when French colonies established in the New World. The game also made its journey to North America. Meanwhile. In Europe, where the game was threatened by a number of gambling bans. The Blanc brothers headed to Monte Carlo. Where they could legally establish a casino. When they brought the roulette game. They decided to improve its odds of winning by removing the additional “00” pocket. The new version of the game was called European Roulette. In the USA, the game kept its original composition and became famous as American Roulette.

Both variations still exist.

Most land-based casinos would offer American Roulette. Although there are some exceptions. Nevertheless, if you are playing online. You will always be able to choose between European, American and French roulette. We must point out that European roulette is currently the game with the highest average theoretical RTP of 97.30%. The contemporary version of French roulette. Follows almost the same layout with the only difference. That the location of the betting boxes is different and the bet names are written in French UFABET

We must also mention that French roulette features a special La Partage rule. Which means that even if you have bet on a certain number and the ball lands on zero. You will get half of your bet money back. This makes both versions especially lucrative and attractive to players. Meanwhile, American roulette still follows the original roulette layout. Which means that statistically, players would have lower odds of winning. American roulette also has a lower average theoretical RTP of 97.74%.