House Edge and RTP.

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When it comes to the house edge. This is a percentage that can be different depending on the type of gambling game. You choose and it’s usually a fixed number. Sic Bo might be an exception in that direction since the game offers lots of betting options. That come with a fluctuating house edge. If there’s one thing which we advise you to remember. It’s to always know that the lower the house edge is the better your chances are at winning. However, the payouts also correspond in a similar way. If the casino has a lower advantage. You’ll be paid for the smaller risk you take. Generally speaking, choose the bet you feel most comfortable with and if you still have doubts about which option to choose. The following table will be of help! UFABET 

While we’ve already discussed the factor which determines the advantage of the casino. It’s time to move to the equally important return-to-player rate. Across Sic Bo variants, you should note that it is normal for the RTP rate to vary and in our case it can be anywhere between 89.12% and 97.22%. You might ask why is that? There are two main reasons – the various software providers who offer Sic Bo versions and the variations which this game offers. Apart from that, when it comes to table games. There are always two types of options you can choose from so stay with us for even more Sic Bo details!