Ancelotti insists he won’t raise the white flag in La Liga title race.

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Carlo Ancelotti insists Real Madrid will fight for the La Liga title until the end. After their 1-0 defeat to Mallorca left Barcelona in second place.

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti admitted it was a painful defeat after a 1-0 draw with Mallorca after missing a chance to equalize with Marco Asensio missing a penalty early in the second half. But the Real Madrid boss insists he is yet to waive Barcelona’s La Liga title race, despite the situation seemingly inferior, according to a report from Deario As on Sunday. 

The game was full of emotions throughout the game after Antonio Raiyo, the captain of Mallorca, commented on Vinicius Junior as a player who behaved insulting to the opponent and was not suitable for playing. A role model for young football fans, but Ancelotti doesn’t see it as the Brazilian attacker’s fault. 

‘Everything that happened wasn’t Vinicius’ fault, he just wanted to play football. You have to change your focus. And see what happened to him today,’ Ancelotti said of the 22-year-old forward.

The Italian also said of the latest game:

‘Difficult, it was a game we expected, a very difficult game, we weren’t lucky enough to deal with it. Because they scored us very quickly. And then it was very difficult. many fouls And many stops. We deserved a draw. We missed a penalty. And We have opportunities in very limited areas.’

Ancelotti also clarified dropping Toni Kroos and Luka Modric as a substitute before replacing Aurelien Thuameni and Daniel Ceballos: ‘Because they did. Di Kroos left the last game with a minor injury and so did Luka. I did a little rotation.’

‘Kroos was injured after the Valencia game. it’s better to avoid problems. Luka played less than 72 hours ago. And I don’t want to take any chances with him. The team played a good game in terms of energy. Especially in the first half’ 

Asked if Barcelona’s La Liga title race is over.

Ancelotti replied: ‘It’s a very painful defeat in that sense. But it was the game we expected. We are prepared for a difficult game. Multiple fouls and interruptions small details determines the competition. An early goal and missing a penalty really affected us.’UFABET 

‘This match is not bad in my opinion. But it was an extraordinary game. There are many interruptions. Now we have to think about the Club World Cup. Which we are very excited about.’

Ancelotti also revealed the status of Thibaut Courtois. Who had missed out on past games as ‘Courtois had a warm-up problem. And that’s why we changed him.’

When asked if Real Madrid would focus more on the Champions League. The Italian trainer replied. ‘It’s more important that every game we have to play. Now we have to play the Club World Cup. Which we want to win. Then we will fight for the league until the end. It’s not over yet, there’s still a lot to play. What happened to us today can happen in any game.’

Before explaining the choice of Marco Asensio to take the penalty before Rodrigo Goes: ‘I chose him first Benzema. Then Modric and then maybe someone else Kroos, Asensio, Rodrigo. I pick the penalty taker’