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“Passion Fruit” with 6 good benefits for health, sleep well

Passion fruit, one of the unique fruits and addictive sour taste. Just add sugar or sprinkle a little salt to get a healthy meal immediately. Passion fruit is everywhere that has the word Healthy on it. Anyone want to know that this purple-colored round fruit helps us feel good?

3 ways to read nutrition labels for all health problems

Our eating habits are one of the major causes for quality of life. We may gain weight increased body fat without knowing what type of food it came from Just because we neglect to read the nutrition label of each food we eat each day in a hurry. So if

Menstrual pain, taking Ponstan or Gofen D

Abdominal pain Menstrual pain It is a symptom that every woman must have been. Of course, simple painkillers. may not help much Therefore, the need for menstrual pain medication, especially The most popular drugs in Thailand are Ponstan and Gofen. Some people take Ponstan but Gofen doesn’t go away, or

8 danger signs “Auto-immune disease, SLE, Lupus or Lupus”

Autoimmune disease SLE Lupus or Lupus is not a new disease. Or just come to be popular, let’s boom now It is a disease that has a small number of patients in Thailand. including foreign countries Surprisingly, many famous people suffer from this disease. Both the singer Phumpuang Duangjan, who made Thai