Menstrual pain, taking Ponstan or Gofen D

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Abdominal pain Menstrual pain It is a symptom that every woman must have been. Of course, simple painkillers. may not help much Therefore, the need for menstrual pain medication, especially The most popular drugs in Thailand are Ponstan and Gofen. Some people take Ponstan but Gofen doesn’t go away, or some people may take Gofen, but Ponstan doesn’t. can disappear So how are these two types of drugs similar or different? 

Ponstan VS Goven

Ponstan is Mefenamic Acid, a drug in the group of analgesics. It was produced long after aspirin among the same drugs. It is more specific to menstrual pain than ทางเข้า ufabet

Gofen . It is a drug that is produced as an imitation of the original drug Brufen, whose chemical name is Ibuprofen, to relieve pain due to all types of inflammation. including menstrual pain Drugs with the same chemical name are produced from many countries. including Thailand because the original company’s license has expired Therefore, this drug is found in different forms, such as clear capsules or coated tablets.
Both Ponstan and Gofen are not much different. is a drug in the same group and effective and the same side effects Just each person may have a different response to the drug. Some were right with Ponstan. Some were right with Gofen.

can be used interchangeably or not

They can be used interchangeably if there is no allergic reaction. But if you eat any of them and see better results You should eat that body as before.

Precautions should be taken when taking Ponstan and Gofen.
Both drugs have the same effect. should not be used together and may irritate the stomach Therefore, it should be eaten after meals. or do not eat on an empty stomach In addition, do not eat in a row for a long time. You should only eat when you are in pain.

Knowing this, girls or butlers who take care of girls Don’t forget to buy medicine to prepare early. When you have menstrual pain, it won’t be difficult. In addition, if men have headaches, they can eat as well. Buy 1 up to 2 right away.