How to prevent snakes from entering the house

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Of course, no one wants a snakes to come and live in the house like the same family. Therefore, before a snake appears in the house. To be paranoid Let’s look at some ways to prevent it early:

1. Pungent oil:          

Strong smells of engine oil, kerosene, turpentine, or car oil will make snakes not want to come closer. Because snakes are animals that do not like strong smells, so during the rainy season Or if you see snakes hanging around the house, try pouring strong-smelling oil around the house. It will help repel the snakes to escape in other directions. ยููฟ่าเบท

2. Gravel, pebbles, or small rocks if sprinkled around

The house It will cause obstacles for the snake to move. Because when encountering pebbles that make it difficult to crawl The snake will eventually change its mind and go elsewhere.

3. Raise a dog.

Even if it looks like you’re putting your dog at risk instead. But in fact, dogs often do not remain silent if a foreign object approaches them. Snakes are animals that are easily startled. So if a snake starts crawling near the house, the dog will bark. This causes the snake to be startled and run away on its own. Whichever home has a dog has an advantage in this case. But if it’s a large snake, dogs can be dangerous.

4. Snake guards          

are convenient devices that can be attached to walls or light poles to trap and prevent snakes from crawling through. Because the snake guard is made from plastic that is highly slippery. Therefore making it an obstacle in crawling. This may cause the snake to fall or become exhausted.

5. Nets

Installing netting around the area that is expected to be a snake’s path. to enter the house It will help trap the snake in another way. which the netting was installed You should choose those with close eyes. so that the snake cannot pass through. Or you can use a fish net instead. The snake will be stuck in the net. Do not crawl into the house.


          In addition to the wire mesh, Screens are another device that can help protect against snakes in cases where you want to use them to block walkways. Don’t let snakes crawl through. The mosquito screen may be different in that it cannot trap snakes. But it can block the way as well.

7. Sulfur

          Although there is still no clear conclusion whether sulfur can really be used to repel snakes or not. But many homes like to use sulfur mixed with water and sprinkle it around the house. To protect against snakes as well Because it is believed that the pungent smell of sulfur will cause snakes to avoid going the other way. In this case, it may not protect against all types and all snakes. and may need to be sprinkled frequently during the rainy season Because the sulfur smell will easily fade away.

8. Clean the house,

          get rid of rats and dirt in the house. It will help prevent the snake from having a source of food and shelter. This is the most preventive method that starts from the root. Most importantly, you should cut the grass and take care of the garden regularly. The snake will not use it as a hiding place. Also, you should find something to cover the pipe hole. Or put in a drain grate as well. This will prevent snakes from slithering into the house through the drainpipe. And don’t forget to look at your shoes before wearing them every time. Because inside shoes is where snakes often hide.