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Menstrual pain, taking Ponstan or Gofen D

Abdominal pain Menstrual pain It is a symptom that every woman must have been. Of course, simple painkillers. may not help much Therefore, the need for menstrual pain medication, especially The most popular drugs in Thailand are Ponstan and Gofen. Some people take Ponstan but Gofen doesn’t go away, or

Forest beat Leeds United 1-0.

Forest continues to perform well in the Premier League. With a 1-0 home win over Leeds United thanks to an early winner from Brennan Johnson. They are unbeaten for five straight league games. English Premier League FootballForest 1 – Leeds United 0 Stadium: The City Ground The

Luis Muriel said something to the referee for the red card.

Atalanta’s Colombian striker Luis Muriel revealed some words. After receiving a red card in the football game, losing 0-1 to Sassuolo last Saturday. Atalanta suffered defeat at Sassuolo, losing their first player. Joachim Mahle to a red card 30 minutes into the game. Converting a yellow